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Blog Post FAQs: A Quick Guide to Publishing on the Youth Blog

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Hi everyone!

My name is Avantika and I've been tasked with editing the Indian Society Youth Blog, along with my co-editors Meenu and Rhea.

I thought that it might be useful to create a quick step-by-step guide to go through some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and to explain:

a) What we mean by a blog post

b) How you can send us your work (for editing and subsequent posting)

Meenu and Rhea have made some example posts already; which you can see up on the site for some inspiration. Hope this guide helps!

#1 - What is a blog post?

The Indian Society Youth Blog page is open to all young members of the society as a platform to publish your writing, art and opinions.

Typically, a blog post is any piece of writing that is published on a website. This could be an article about a topic you care about, an opinion piece about something in the news, a "How-to guide" or even a piece of artwork.

It should be relatively short (max 500 words) and engaging. Make sure to include pictures!

Basically, if there's something that you want read/seen by a large scale audience, this is the place to post it!

#2 - What should you write about?

This is a free space to publish your work, and it doesn't have to be related to the Indian Society. An example article could be: "Art under threat: are schools neglecting the arts?"

Another example could be: "There's too much talk - who's going to take action about the climate crisis?"

What you post about doesn't have to be related to the Indian Society. You can post about any topic that you're interested in.

#3 - How do you send us your work?

After you've decided what you want to write about (or which artwork you want to post) the next step is to send us your work.

Send an email to in the following format:

Name: _____

Blog post title: _____

Content (i.e. writing/ artwork): _____

Email your work (including your title, content and your name) to

#4 - Who will be able to see your work?

Everyone! Anyone on the internet will be able to access the website and the Youth Blog. Our editors will make sure that all the content is appropriate and you can even post anonymously if you would prefer.

Now you're ready to post!

Hope everything is a bit clearer now. If anyone has any more questions, feel free to email us at

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