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The Indian Society of South West Wales has been established since 1983, with the core purpose of sharing and integrating the diverse culture of India with the local community. We continue to grow by reflecting the changing dynamics of a multicultural society in South West Wales by promoting the values that helps us develop strong families and communities based on tolerance and respect.

Over the years our members have celebrated the main Indian Festivals, such as Diwali and Republic Day to bring the community together and teach our young generation about our rich heritage. We have also participated in a number of high profile community events, such as the Lord Mayor's Carnival and the Human Race Marquee. The society has also raised money for charities, such as Cancer Research, Help for Heroes and Ty Olwen to name a few.

The society continues to develop partnerships and links with the local community of South West Wales. We are an inclusive and progressive society, which aims to showcase and share our rich and diverse culture with other minority ethnic groups and the wider community of South West Wales.

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Our Trustees

Mrs. Chantal Patel (Chair)

Aasif Iqbal (Secretary)

Mrs. Sindhu Mahadevan (Treasurer)

Prof. Arun Ramachandran

Mrs. Sujatha Verma

Dr. Ketan Shah

Dr Narendra Babu Chinnapa

Mrs. Babita Verma

Dr. Gokul KandaSwamy

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

Dr. Ankita Jain

Dr Balan Natarajan


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